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October 19, 2014, 00:44:43 by RayoZ
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Since Fresser announced the opportunity for users to host their own server i took the chance. Since then I've been working on a Garry's Mod Deathrun server. And It's been going along pretty well.

The current situation is that the server is on a Techsource host and running. I've not received the actual rank on Temspeak / Forums as that is up to Fresser to make but for now the server will only be hosted on Techsource.

The currently known errors are fixed and the server should be working fine.

Update :

Admin Request Function Fixed.

Several Player Models Added. ( Hatsune is in it all you prophunt / murder staff ;) )

Upcoming :


( If you see or experience any other bugs then please reply below )

( Any map suggestions? Reply here )

( Please do not ask for any ranks. Every staff will receive the "Trusted" rank automatically. There will later on be an apply section. "Hopefully" )


Thanks for reading! Have fun setting of traps!

IP :
October 18, 2014, 19:05:03 by Fresser
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First of all, we are going to start writing changelogs like the old days again. We are now calling every server version "1.00", and future version will be upgoing, like this one - 1.01  (Just for referring)
        - All bankaccounts and all user accounts will be divided by 20 this morning. This is to get people who have shits of money down to like, regular amounts. People have got so much money, the RP-element is gone from the server, and the just waste their money, because they have sooo much of it. People who have more money than others, will still have more money than others. - Just less more. :)
          Printers will be nerfed, so people cannot reach this kind of money again.
        - Refer to this website for more information about changes: https://github.com/FPtje/DarkRP/commits/master
          (Mainly server-side changes)

Hope you'll enjoy playing on DarkRP 1.01! I'll have to go to work 06 AM tomorrow, so i'll fix the update in the morning times. :)
October 12, 2014, 17:30:57 by Fresser
Views: 105 | Comments: 1


This is not because im gonna sue the shit out of you, or because i don't want you to be "free" on this website.

I've made a new ToS, and it's applicable from now. Please notice that from now this has changed:
 - Nothing, but the fact we've got legal support now, if something happens (Someone hacks the website, someone breaks our copyright or anything)

You can read the full ToS here, or just look at the buttom of every page.

Have fun playing (This is just the first step going to be more serious about the business side of TS, but again, i repeat, this is just for TechSource's survival in the future, and these things does not limit your "freedom" (Freedom, yay!) at all)

Also added "Accept cookies" thing, should not be too annoying, but is required on any european domain, if you use any cookies (And we do :))

Edit 2:
New TaC on sales page.
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