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The Beta
April 14, 2014, 16:24:58 by The Beta
Views: 114 | Comments: 12

- Added a join / disconnect message including players name and steamID, so admins can easier administrate.

- Changing map to rp_bangclaw
- New jobs:
Osama: Leader of the terror organization and the terrorists. He shall together with the terrorists capture the mayor and require money to let him go. However, the attacks on the mayor SHALL ONLY BE PLANNED, NO RANDOMLY ATTACKS.
Terrorists: Follows Osama and does what he tells them to do. However not any rule-breaking stuff.
Mutant: Lives underground only, can always be killed above the surface, but can also kill non-mutants underground.

I've added a few more job rules for making it clear on how those jobs works:

25) As mutant you live in the undeground, therefore you can kill everyone who goes down there without your permission. But you can also get killed, if you go above the surface.
26) As playing a part of the terrorism ( Osama or terrorist ), you may only attack the mayor if you've planned the attack. Not just rushing in, hopping for the best. Do not randomly kill government as well.

Ps. this thread might get updated, so keep looking.

April 13, 2014, 21:10:32 by fresser
Views: 59 | Comments: 5


I've updated our version of OpenSSL, which means heartbleed is fixed, and installed new keys on the SSL encryption, to be safe. There is no need to change password, and we have not leaked any data.
The Beta
April 05, 2014, 21:47:03 by The Beta
Views: 124 | Comments: 8

Fixed all servers, including Jailbreak.
Should be working, expect a few script errors now and then. However, it shouldn't break the gamemode.


- Buy a custom job for 30% discount, PM me on the forum or on steam.
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