July 23, 2014, 16:34:28

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Yesterday at 21:30:04 by fresser
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No he isn't.

We just were a community in problems. We had no one to blame, so we blamed the guys, that had the responsibility. Leon has never done anything bad for TechSource, he wasn't the hacker, no matter what you guys think. We don't know who the hacker were - i just don't think we can accuse leon of this, as we don't have any proof, it could have been anyone. The ip's were just leading to vpn's, so we can't draw a conclusion from that either.

Though, Leon wants to be back here, and i think many of us, owe him an apology. He has taken his old spot back. He is now co-owner with me. - He gets back tomorrow. Decision made 100% of me, because this guy is awesome! - I'm glad having the chance of getting him back! ;)

And thanks Sonic, i didn't last long, but it really helped my mind, not being 100% responsible for everything, just for 2 days. :)

So now, TechSource is finally back on track again, better than ever. - DarkRp was just full some minutes ago, GJ Shiney, you've worked hard! :)

Love ya, guys
July 20, 2014, 01:16:04 by fresser
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I cannot handle TechSource right now, (Having kind of a depression, no sleep and other bad things..)

So Sonic is the temporary owner, lets call him co-owner, without changing ranks and so (No reason to make things complicated.)

I'm not leaving techsource, i'm taking a break from taking decisions.

Have fun playing! :)

@ fresser
June 25, 2014, 13:38:17 by fresser
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Hi, you can now activate accounts and forget your passwords! xD
This actually took hours and hours to get working, since it's now verified mails - means it doesn't end in spam. :)
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